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Join the Bluesky Ambassadors and show off your nail-painting skills. We are on the hunt for talented swatchers who are passionate about Bluesky, Gel Polish and the nail industry to join us in spreading the word about Bluesky, our latest shades and much more. Our growing community of nail influencers now have the opportunity to join the squad here at Bluesky and become an official Ambassador. In order for our Ambassadors to be able to access the latest shades and products, we send regular packages tailored to seasonal releases completely free of charge.


In order to become a Bluesky Ambassador, you can enter our social media campaign that will go live via Instagram and will run until we have found all of our candidates. On Instagram, you must be following us and like our campaign post. You must then share the campaign image on your story tagging us so that we can see. Once you have completed these steps, simply comment on our post and tag a friend. Once you have commented and tagged a friend – your entry has been successfully submitted. To enter, you must have over 200 followers, showcase your swatches on your feed so that we can see them and have your account set to public. It would also be a great idea to include in your comment a little bit of info as to why you would like to join, however this step is not compulsory. We will either contact you on social media or request an email address to inform you that we would like you to join our team. We will be looking at every single person's feed who enters and checking out all of your swatches!


When you become a Bluesky Ambassador, we will send you regular packages of products and we will require high quality swatches in return. Your nail polish collection will be completely free and kept well stocked with brand new releases and best sellers. We require up-close swatches and hand shots of well-groomed, shaped and healthy natural nails to showcase our polishes. Your images must be well lit, taken in high res quality and be consistent in style. We will ensure that you are fully credited for your work and will be regularly posting the beautiful swatches created by our ambassadors on our social media pages. You will also receive coverage to thousands of nail polish consumers in our social media platforms, newsletters, and on our website. Transform your Nails passion to gel polish fame and join the squad!


Once you become an Ambassador, we will contact you via email each time before we are due to send you a package to ensure that you are always kept well informed. You need to be responsible in sourcing your own equipment required to use gel polish as we will only be providing you with gel polishes (such as UV/LED lamp, cleansing and removal solutions etc). From the date of the parcel arriving with you, we will then require you to email us high quality swatches of all the polishes that we send to you within 14 days. To avoid overwhelming you, We will never send you more than 4gels at a time. If you think that you will not be able to complete this in the set time frame, you are able to email us back and let us know before we send the products. If you accept the products and do not complete the swatches in the set time frame, we will require you to return them to us unused and unopened. We will then wait until the next time to contact you regarding your next package. We will have selected you because we like the style of swatches that you already produce on a regular basis, so please try to ensure you keep to a consistent style in terms of the images that you take.


As part of our squad of Ambassadors, you will receive a selection of polishes from brand new collections across a variety of best-selling brands. Your gel polish will be gifted to you completely free of charge and once you have completed your swatch images, you are free to keep your polishes and add them to your collection and wear at your own leisure. Your swatches will then be posted on our social media pages, featured in our newsletters, posted on our website and also in some circumstances used on promotional goods. Reach thousands of people with your talent and have your nail polish pictures exposed to a huge community of gel polish lovers. Your images will always be credited and we will do our best to keep you well informed of the latest shades and collections.


So, here is the boring bit: Terms and conditions apply. This campaign is open to UK entrants only. Bluesky Nail Gel Polish reserve the rights to alter, amend and terminate the campaign at any time. This campaign will run on social media until Bluesky have found all the Ambassadors that they are looking for. Individuals chosen to join the Bluesky Ambassadors will be contacted on the terms Bluesky and are in no way obliged to receive products unless they are specifically contacted beforehand. Each selection of products may vary between ambassadors and they will therefore receive polishes that other Ambassadors may not receive. If Bluesky are for any reason unsatisfied with the partnership formed with an ambassador, Bluesky reserve the rights to end the agreement with immediate effect. If you agree to receive products from Bluesky, you must respond via email with high quality swatches within 2 weeks of the products arriving. If you are unable to fulfill this in the time-space, you must return the products back to Bluesky unopened. Should you fail to do so, you may be liable for the costs.